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Synchronicity and Salutations (part one)

Many years ago, when I was still a very young adult, I was a bartender at a Roadhouse Gill in Bradenton, FL. My husband and I had been married for about two years and he wanted to start a family. At this time I was around the age of 21 or 22 and had not yet found my “path”, and I knew that if we started our family while I was a bartender, that was all I would ever be. I knew I had more to give this life than just slinging drinks. I told Brian I needed to find my path before I was ready to think about starting our family. I was also terrified of becoming a mother.

It was around this time that Oprah was gaining great momentum with the focus of her talk show being about bringing about your best life. Her show happened to come on at the predictably slow time in restaurants- after the lunch rush and before happy hour, so I would frequently turn on her show while I was restocking the bar and cleaning before the next rush. This was the earliest recollection of hearing about synchronicity and The Celestine Prophecy. On my next day off I went to the local bookstore in search of the book. What I picked up by mistake was the “Experiential Guide to the Celestine Prophecy” – a companion book meant for book clubs or self exploration, not the original book. While I was still there I found a reference book of sorts for Alternative and Complementary health career education / schools. My original plan, for the majority of my teen years, was to become a Chiropractor like my father. Somewhere around my senior year of high school I started questioning if I really wanted to be a Chiropractor, or if I really just wanted to be like my Dad. Were there other ways I could emulate him? I also loved writing, especially poetry and short stories, and wanted to become a writer. I could not envision myself going to Iowa to Palmer College of Chiropractic, even though that was the only place I had ever considered going to college. I decided to take the first year to “find my way” and in that time, I met Brian. To this day I believe the reason I could not “see” myself moving away was because if I had, I would not have met him.

But I am getting off track again … so I digress…

Back to the bookstore – I picked up this reference book out of curiosity to see if there was a Chiropractic College in Florida. By happen chance I flipped to the wrong page and stumbled upon Equine Sports Massage Therapy, and found a 13 day course in Ocala for $1800.  I thought this was the coolest thing as I grew up with horses and worked on farms and racetracks as a teen.  I took the course (I will blog about that experience some other time…about the student in the course that approached me the first day and told me to be careful if I was not ready for a baby, because there was a little girl that was waiting for me.)  I found myself wanting to know more, to learn more about anatomy, physiology and kinesiology, as I felt unprepared with only 13 days of training… So I enrolled in Massage Therapy School without any intention of working on people.  It did not take long before I fell madly in love with massage for humans. I had found my calling, and knew that this was who I was. The book in the store led me to the wrong page, which led me to a course that would be a stepping stone to my life career. One month into school we were surprised to find out we were pregnant! (link to another blog post about finding out I was pregnant)

It was as  if the stars said  “Hello there.  Welcome to your path.”

Do you believe in coincidences, or fate, or synchronicity?  What were some of the signs that lead you to where you were supposed to be?  Leave me a comment with your favorite one!

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  1. I still remember sitting on the dock after walking the bridge talking about ALL of this! I have loved watching you grow on your path.

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