“Everyone exits their company eventually through death. bankruptcy, merger or selling.  So you might as well build something with equity.” 

Have you ever called your business your “baby”?  Built it from the ground up, struggled through every growth spurt and setback, rejoiced through every milestone and win.  Created personal connections with your staff and clients through hands on customer service and attention to detail.

Your heart and soul is in that company.  No one can run it like you.  No one knows it like you do.

You aren’t wrong.

But imagine that part of raising a child is for it to be able to stand on it’s own two feet.  And then imagine further down the line that you are raising that child knowing that someday it will find someone that wants to spend the rest of their lives with them.  You can try to hold on to that child, but ultimately you might be stunting their growth.  When it is time for our jobs to be done, we prepare to hand our child off to their “next chapter”.  You have done the work.  Now it is time to reap the rewards of a job well done.

  If you can create a business that you loved being a part of,

you can also create a legacy to pass on. 

What if I told you it was possible to start making little changes now, to get you ready for that day,  Even if you haven’t any intention of selling your business in the next 2, 5, or 10+ years?  What if you had guidance on what that could look like for you?

If you already have a plan mapped out for transitioning your clients, staff and new owner, or if you have no intention of selling your business at all, this support is not for you.

But if there is a “What if” in the back of your mind that wants what you have created to become more than just a job you built for yourself, or if you would like to stop spinning your wheels and actually take your business from your side hustle that grew, into a business opportunity for someone that doesn’t have the time to build it from scratch… this is for you.

Free Goal Worksheet

I want to help you along this journey of getting your business ready to sell, step by step, whether it is overnight or 20 years from now.

The greatest achievement was at first, and for a time, a dream.  The oak sleeps in the acorn, the bird waits in the egg, and in the highest version of the soul a waking angel stirs.  Dreams are the seedlings of realities.  -James Allen

Nicole is the kind of person that you want to be around. She is going places, and makes you feel like you can too. When you work with her, she brainstorms with you to figure out where you want to go and then helps you figure out all the avenues you could take get there from here. If you are anything like me you will have 100 reasons you haven’t gotten there yet. And Nicole will help reveal what the real issue is that is holding you back. She once told me, “You are like an ant that has drawn itself into a chalk box, but your chalk box is on a leaf that is flying down a raging river. You are going places whether you are allowing yourself to go or not!”. Nicole is the most authentic, open, objective listener I have ever worked with. She has helped me to grow more than anything else I have ever tried. You simply can’t afford not to work with her. ~ Jennifer Clarkson DPT, L/CNMT  www.Whitewavebodywork.com

“I have known Nicole for about 17 years and watched her grow her business throughout these years.  She has a special “light” about her that just makes people feel good.  Nicole is constantly learning and stretching her own capabilities to see what else she can do to help people.  She is constantly teaching people in a variety of capacities.  She is one of the best, most amazing people I know.”

Yvette Little
Owner – Simply Green Solutions, LLC

A Special Light